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  • 10 Seconds of

    with 10 Seconds of Courage®

    Developed by Natalie Cossar, 10 Seconds of Courage® is a learning program offered in workshops, keynotes, interviews and conversations for anyone ready to choose courage to make decisions and improve communications.

    “I thought the 10-second breathing” was excellent. I have been doing some work to manage my personal stress levels recently using similar but more time-consuming techniques. So simple and quick to undertake!”
    Greg O’Brien

    Executive Manager Corporate Services, RSPCA

    10 Seconds of Courage® explains that courage is the means to developing confidence and stepping up as a successful presenter. Natalie has spent thirty years learning, teaching and researching confident presenting, with a mission of how to reduce and remove the intimidation and complication associated with the worldwide fear. This program is a smart, quick and simple yet profound approach, available to anyone or any organisation wishing to address the age old “fear of public speaking”. 

    Those who fear it avoid it or become paralysed by it, but those who choose courage begin a process of change, a new pathway – destination courage.

    10 Seconds of Courage® works! It builds self confidence in public speaking and presenting because it empowers individuals to take charge through courageous choosing and courageous conversations, and this leads to lasting change.

    “Hi Natalie, I have just finished your book. I loved it. So positive and empowering for day to day living without even wanting to be a presenter. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights and knowledge.”
    Helen Sjogren

    Executive Support Coordinator

    The principles have been so effective that Natalie reveals them in her book “10 Seconds of Courage” launched in November 2015. You can buy your copy here.

  • Proactive Parenting - Sleep Talk for Children

    with the Goulding SleepTalk® Process

    There is no separation between home and the workplace because the whole person lives in both.

    How true is this statement! Today it is paramount that organisations with working parents and carers of children adopt a policy of embracing this 21st century culture. Recognising that there is no separation and there are no boundaries between home and the workplace, stress and productivity.

    How can organisations help their working parents and carers?

    By introducing this mindful and positive process called The Goulding SleepTalk® Process. It empowers employees, those working parents to improve and balance their child’s behaviour. This process described as “the two minute gift with changes that last a lifetime” has transformed the lives of thousands of children, parents and homes all over the world for almost 40 years.

    It is parent tested and parent approved!

    “It has been a roller coaster ride but it’s worth it, SleepTalk® gave me back my daughter. I was having communication problems but now it’s all sorted, plus I get lots of hugs and kisses. Hugs and kisses all the way from Africa.”
    Zainab Hussein (Mum of 6 year old)

    You can also buy a copy of the book, The Goulding SleepTalk® Process in which Joane Goulding explains the her sleep talk process in depth. It’s available as an e-Book and MP3, or as a paperback and CD.

    The Goulding Process Book
  • Personal and Professional Development

    with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI®

    Mindfulness, Resilience, Self Confidence, Communication, Presenteeism are much talked about and they contribute directly to individuals’ professionalism, employability, growth and ability to deal with and react to culture and change – both in and out of the workplace.

    “One size fits all”

    Not always true, especially when you consider how unique we all are and the environment we live in, both at home and at work. In a learning environment it’s especially important to consider the individual and/or group – their ‘life story and scenario’, challenges, culture, strengths and needs.

    Based on the principles and model of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI® is one of the most popular and respected personality type indicators in the world. Organisations who incorporate this tool in their training and development offerings will be adding positive value to employee knowledge and continuous improvement.

    This instrument is incorporated and tailored specifically to the individual and/or group personal and professional development needs – therefore enhancing their imagined and expected goals and reducing their negative mindsets and habits.

    Natalie has been facilitating this process for over 15 years with 100% positive recognition and feedback from participants. It really works!

    “The exercise on ‘how we are perceived’ opened my eyes to how different we all are. I realised I had unintentionally offended a colleague during a meeting so I took the opportunity to apologise to him. I am more aware now of how unique we all are. I loved the J & P exercise, the discussions were hilarious”.
    Customer Service Consultant, OPTUS.

If you are interested in booking an event, keynote presentation, workshop or conversation with Natalie, email us directly at info@cultivate.com.au