Cultivating Conversations for Lasting Change


Cultivate Australia was founded in 1999 by Natalie Cossar. An organisation encouraging conversations and training in 3 key areas of communication:

  • Confident Presenting with 10 Seconds of Courage™
  • Proactive Parenting with The Goulding SleepTalk® Process
  • Personal and Professional Development with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI®

Turn on Courage

Natalie Cossar


Natalie Cossar has a mantra she lives and breathes -courage and giving are the key to a satisfying and rewarding life, and conversations are the way to achieve this. She has spent the past ten years learning, practicing and developing conversation skills in public speaking, presenting and parenting. She is the author of 10 Seconds of Courage – smart, quick, easy tips to presenting.

Natalie is the founder of 10 seconds of– a movement that encourages workshops, forums and conversations for and of individuals and organisations ready for courageous speaking, parenting and personal development. She is proud to be described as an “exciting and engaging presenter”, “genuinely interested in helping others”, and “someone who has earned the right to speak on her chosen topics”.